For us quality is not only in the products but it is embedded throughout in our people, process and the systems. At Team Precision we believe that capable people must be built base on quality conscious from the beginning. We train our staffs in all level and benchmark our staffs quality mind with the measurable standard such as Quality KPI, Kaizen, Lean, Six-sigma and Toyota production system. We have certified in house Lean Master and Six-sigma black belt together with TPS Master to lead all the improvement and quality mind amongst our staffs. We also have qualified IPC trainer to ensure all the assemblies follow according to IPC standard if not specified by customers. All benefits of certified ISO standard that are applicable to our process control has been implemented throughout our production process and system regardless of the product nature whether it is automotive or non-automotive, medical or non-medical to ensure the products quality are control systematically throughout all the processes. This quality system together with our quality minded people has created a quality standard which is unique to our organization which is the foundation of our high quality reputation amongst all our customers.

Through our continuous improvement our company has been certified for following standards.