Service Industry

Our aim is to provide complete manufacturing solution to the customers starting from Design & Prototyping, Mass Manufacturing until Logistics & Warehousing services.


Majority of our business are for export to world market with diverse industry application such as Industrial, Medical, Specialty and Telecommunication, Automotive and Consumer products. We understand the challenge and the level of manufacturing requirement for different type of industries together with different international rules and regulations that each products need to comply. Although high quality and Reliability are the basic requirement of all industry that we serve, however each industry has its own specific needs which need to be fully appreciated and conform.

Here's our product experience in each of the industry.


  • Water Boiler control
  • Snow Removal Vehicle control
  • Water Meter
  • Electronics Petrol controller
  • Laser Measuring System for Construction
  • Automatic Waste Water Treatment System control
  • Industrial LED light
  • Electric Motor


  • Hearing Aid Analyzer for diagnostic solution
  • Electronics Muscular pain relief
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • Patient wristage monitoring
  • Patient wristage monitoring


  • Full Interpretation System
  • Home Wireless control system
  • Telecommunication System
  • Satellite receiver ( Box ) control
  • The Antenna Cell phone
  • Classroom Communication
  • Multimedia Communication


  • Sonar sound for fishery industrial
  • Radiation Detector
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Fault code Display for ECU of vehicle
  • Power Adapter , Power Supply
  • Electronics Trains ( Hobby Toy )
  • Main Board Camera


  • Car radio
  • Model Train
  • Set Top Box
  • Electronic Faucet